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Seeing well means more than just having “20/20 acuity”. Our eyes do not only have to point and focus, but they have to convert information into a meaningful entity. Seeing well is a learning process where visual skills are developed and adapted to each other.

Which Visual Skills?

  • The ability to move one’s eyes freely ,without moving the rest of the body
  • Both eyes should work as a “team” to focus on the same spot and remain clear and single vision. Depth perception results from perfect team work of both eyes.
  • Focusing both eyes on different distances, alternately and flexibly.
  • The peripheral vision is required to observe the place where we are in one look. The peripheral vision should also be active during reading, therefore we will not lose the place on the sheet.

The information that is provided by these visual skills, is processed in the brain, where visualization and visual memory play an important part.

The Behavioral Optometrist

A behavioral optometrist applies different tests to study these functions, thus he can get insight about the person’s visual problems.

Visual complaints often get minimized even though our eyes are the most important sense and tool to efficiently process numerous demands and triggers that surround us in our study and work environment.

These are some examples of visual complaints: blurry sight/ double sight/ tired eyes/dry and irritated eyes/ lazy eyes/ crossed eyes/ no or limited 3D sight/ headaches/ lessened concentration /reading issues/etc.

In these cases a visit to a behavioral optometrist is recommended. This professional can approach the problem with vision therapy and/or syntonic optometry (light therapy).

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