Dear colleague,

Are you interested in this innovative project to give your practice more publicity? This way you can create more demand for vision training and/or syntonic therapy at your work place.

Because behavioral optometry is not known to a large public, we provide you with a way to inform people that there often is a solution for their visual complaints.

This type of publicity often has more impact than an advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine. A reference in a specialist journal is not the same, because professional literature will never reach the people who need help from a behavioral optometrist.

Therefore, we used this approach, which leaves an impression on our current society, where everything is read quickly and forgotten just as easily.

Look at it as a “message of general interest”, which circulates on social media.

Your work starts when people find their way to your practice. The purpose of this website is to simply show the services that a behavioral optometrist can offer. This is why the information is very basic. Your mission is to give them your professional guidance.

Be a Partner in Their “Visual” Process

What you must be wondering: Which benefits will I have if I am mentioned on this website? 

There will be a separate portal where behavioral optometrists, who are in this project, will be mentioned by country.

People who are interested in consulting a behavioral optometrist can find one in their area. This means that the publicity of your practice is constantly circulating on the internet. It would be a shame if colleagues from your region would become well-known and your practice would not get the attention it deserves.

If you want to register then please send an email to with reference to your personal data and practice information. Please also state clearly which term you prefer.

Best regards,
The vision Platform Team

Be a Partner in Their “Visual” Process

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    There is a need for communication between the behavioral Optometrist and the public. The vision platform wants to fill up that gap. The goal is to reach the public who is interested in getting briefed about the optometrical services and vision therapy offered by behavioral optometrists, around the world.